Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sunrise, sunset

this past weekend, my very dear friend Sharon paid me a visit!! we had a blast running on the beach @ sunset (more like me taking pics of her running - they ended up being too dark but we had fun all the same! oh, and i was laughing so hard at one point, i started tripping backwards in the sand with my camera and brand new lens! i caught myself at the last moment, though. hilarious!!) We also had fun eating greasy New York-style pizza, talking up a storm, crying a bit, laughing A LOT, shopping, and all that other stuff that girlfriends like to do together :) thank you, Lord, for the gift of friendship.

anyway...ironically enough, i have come to the conclusion that as much as i love taking pics, i am SO bad about snapshots! i guess cuz i hate the 'flash' look and a snapshot is just that - a quick snap. i love to play with the settings on my camera and try to achieve nice composition, solid white balance, perfect exposure, fun bokeh (excuse the hoity-toity photography term) for each image. hence, i did not take ONE pic of us doing fun stuff together! only some sunrise, sunset pics below. they were taken on different days. the sunrise pics were taken @ Feather Sound in Clearwater on the gulf side (basically, my apartment complex - we found a little bench along the water in front of the clubhouse and proceeded to FREEZE our booties off in the dark while we waited for that thing to rise!) and the sunset ones, Sand Key Park in Clearwater on the ocean side. they were all taken with my Christmas present from Luke...Canon 16-35 f/2.8 (love it) and are SOOC (straight out of the camera - no editing)

off in the distance is the bridge Luke takes to work every morning.

getting a tad lighter.

can't get over the tones of morning light...


and it's HERE!!! good morning, world.

twilight...another magical time of day...

the colors and composition of this image reminded me of a painting...

peach, violet, midnight blue awash in maritime bliss...

lovin' this wide angle lens

getting darker

that little thumbnail is Mr. Moon

"...His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance."
Rev. 1:15


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Lizzy! I wish we were close by so you could give me some tips on how to use my craigslist trade camera that doesn't have a manual booklet :P These pictures are just breath taking! Keep em coming!!! What a fun week with your friend!

Lizzy said...

thanks, my dear. i wish we lived closer TOO!!! i would love to go on a fun 'photo shooting outing' with you and then grab some yummy tea or espresso afterwards!

what kind of camera is it exactly? have you tried 'googling' it's brand/name? i bet there's info about it out there...i'll fb inbox you some fun, helpful links too. <3

Rose M. Lantz said...

Absolutely love the pics! Capturing such delight! Love those moments to catch up with good friends...so yes, I am in agreement with you...Thank You Lord for friendship! Keep those blogs coming...enjoy every bit of it. :)

Elizabeth said...

Your so sweet Lizzy! Its an Olympus E-300 and yes we did look up online and found out just the basic info on it, but not the actual manual. Its still way better then my old little camera, but I know I am not using it to the fullest of its ability lol :P

Espresso or tea with you would be like a day in heaven :)

Marie said...

Oh my GOODNESS! So so so so so BEAUTIFUL Lizzy! You just transformed me from cold wintery OH house to your gorgeous Florida sunrise, and yes I agree with Elizabeth, I want to to visit you and learn all your tips and techniques about photography, with that cup of coffee of course :)
I also loved hearing about all that you did and all your fun with your friend.

~ Marie