Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Walk for Life

Dear friends & fam ~

i am participating in a local Walk for Life on May 7. The last time i did this, i raised $400 in a few days thanks to my very generous church family and friends from back home. i have 'upped the anty' a bit to $1,000 for this time around!! :)

Would you kindly consider in partnering with me to reach this goal? ALL proceeds you donate on my page will go directly to Kimberly Home, one of the centers participating in the Walk. We are teaming up with another center, Bay Area Pregnancy Center, and are excited to see how the Lord moves upon people's hearts to give and give generously.

Your donation provides diapers, food, clothing, and other much-needed supplies to little ones whose mothers simply can't afford them. These moms are so blessed by your generosity...believe me, i've seen it first hand working there. Thank you so much for your gracious consideration. May God bless you for how you actively choose to bless others!!!

Love, LizzyY

ps - we are also a licensed ADOPTION agency, so your donation will help fund that noble cause as well :)

please click the link below to donate. thank you.

Lizzy's Fundraising Page

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