Monday, December 19, 2011

I Heard the Bells

so before you just click on the two links below, humor me by reading this lil post ;) i first heard this song while driving into work one recent sunny morning. since then, it's quickly become one of mine & Luke's favorite Christmas songs. the lilting piano strains arrested my attention. i guess you could say i'm an artist at heart - sensitive to outward stimuli, my environment, light, the seasons, and well...good music. something about this song captivated me. i was intrigued by the rather melancholy 'feel' to it. a few days later, i was listening to the local radio station and the dj was interviewing Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. listen to the interview below about the story behind the song, it's truly beautiful. then click on the youtube link below that to listen to the actual song. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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