Thursday, December 1, 2011

Signs of Baby

here are a few of baby's things. some are heirlooms, some are treasures from my childhood, some are consignment shop finds, and others are precious gifts from friends who already love our little girl. We love her too and are pretty excited to meet her. Nursery is upside down right now but just thought i'd share a few photos representing our deep excitement & anticipation of...well...what's to come in our lives! Y

"Blue Baby" was given to me by my great-grandmother, 'Grammie', at the hospital the day i was born. I now get to pass her on to my precious daughter.

Phoebe & Percival were lovingly crafted by the very talented, Rebekah Hewitt.
I just know my little girl is going to love them!

these bears are very special to me. the one on the left remains unnamed and was given to me by my dear friend, Libby, who passed away tragically seven years ago. the bear on the right, also unnamed, was our first 'baby' gift. it came from our neighbors upstairs who are already 'surrogate' grandparents to our babe. they often ask me, 'So, how's our little girl doing?' :)

i bought this before i knew the sex of our baby but figured yellow duckies could totally go either way. fun consignment sale find. i also found there a bag of assorted bath duckies and registered for a duckie hooded bath towel & matching wash clothes. here's to hoping i'll get it. hee hee.

these are my "baby dedication" booties.
we hope to don our little girl's feet with them when her turn
comes around to be dedicated unto the Lord.

bought these on a whim at Anthropologie on a DC 'girlfriends' trip years ago.
never used them before and often wondered why i bought them in the first place, but now i know why ;)

splurged on these knobs (also from Anthropologie). actually, they were pretty affordable ~ $8 each. i figured that since someone blessed us with her dresser (that will also serve as her changing table), i could 'dress it up' with pretty paint & knobs. pics of the final product to come!

cute little card that came with gifts (see below) from Mighty Nest.
Thank you, Dr. & Mrs. DiBlasio!

natural toys! gotta love it!


To God be the Glory! said...

Everything is so lovely... I can almost imagine "Baby Girl" Grant in her little duckie robe hugging her bear nestled in your arms. Precious!

Erica said...

So sweet!!! Love it all!