Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Kids. some people love 'em. some people can't stand 'em. sad, i know. it's funny, when you become a parent, people become divided into two groups when you're out and about in public. they either dote upon, coo at, and marvel at your little miracle. they go out of their way to help you in ways they perhaps would not otherwise waste their time doing for a fellow human being, devoid of a bouncing baby on their hip. the other group either smugly looks on, ignores, or even frowns in your direction. the fact is, those people who don't care for kids were once kids themselves. it's like, did they conveniently forget that?

Anyway, i just have been thinking about parenting lately and all it's glorious messiness. there's spit up to 'get out of' your favorite blouse right before church, that poopy blowout that also erupted on your way out the door for church or for your friend's wedding. throw up. boogers. tears. tantrums (haven't had the privilege of this one yet! haha!), potty training, messes, getting into your favorite tube of lipstick, boo boo's, tired tears, sweaty little bods, disciplines issues, fatigue, utter exhaustion, the need to be more purposeful in spending time together as a couple, more expenses, trips, luggage, accessories, toys, books, beds, clothes, bills...the list continues. But the main thing is that little person is a miracle entrusted to YOU (crazy, I know) to care for and lovingly raise for HIM. What a thought. He gives us this amazing opportunity to shape young hearts and minds after His own.

With all the dirt, grit, and raw-ness of parenting, a bigger picture takes shape. it's this incredible masterpiece of grace. When i look into my daughter's bright blue eyes as she discovers her feet for the first time or looks out the window of an airborne plane, high above the suspended cotton ball clouds, i'm brought to tears. When she laughs at her daddy for the very first time as he's being silly at the dinner table, he's brought to tears. When we watch her sleeping peacefully in the arms of Jesus, we are brought to tears. Having a kid truly changes you, in every sense of the word - physically, emotionally, mentally, and most of all...spiritually.

I see how the Father daily speaks to me through caring for K. When i get up in the middle of the night to soothe her cries. When I tend to her needs and cover her with smooches, I think of Him and His Fatherly love for me, His daughter. This is the way He treats me - running to me with open arms. always there. never letting go in every high and every low (as the worship song goes), doting upon me, rejoicing over me, singing over me, quieting me with His love. providing for my every need and blessing me with many undeserving wants, too. What a Father, what a parent.

So the next time you're about to pull your hair out with yet another wet bed in the wee hours of the night, another spaghettio mess strewn across the kitchen floor, another discipline issue in need of Spirit-led discernment, another smack from a bossy sister or domineering brother that needs to be addressed, another bloody knee, another cry....pause.

This is glory in progress. This is strength in progress (Psalm 84:7). Allow Him to flex your mommy muscles. When you cast yourself upon Him, you'll see everything - even the messy, mundane stuff of life - through His eyes. Choose to either make it a matter of complaining and shaking your internal fist or an act of Worship. And watch how your entire attitude will be transformed. maybe not right away but it will happen. He's up to something in everything.

~ the many faces of my Kathryn ~

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Christy said...

Love this! So true. And boy, is she a cutie!!!