Sunday, September 23, 2012

Foodie Friday #29

um, i'm kinda 'off' on my days but, oh well...a busy mom/part-time professional's gotta do what she's gotta do, right? ;) this is so yum and so easy to prepare. it also makes a great gluten free/paleo option, as well for those of who going that route.
and yes, i said it: BETTER than Chang's! haha!

Better-Than-Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps

olive oil
garlic (2-3 cloves)
onion (1 bunch green or 1 whole yellow)
carrots (2-3)
peas (about 1 cup)
red pepper (1)
cilantro (1 bunch)
chicken breasts (I do two for Luke & myself)
fish sauce (a couple splashes)
plum sauce (a couple splashes)
soy sauce (a couple splashes)
siriacha sauce (hot chili sauce - however much you want. i just do everything to taste)
hot chinese mustard (about 1 t., optional)
peanuts (or almonds!)

sautee chopped garlic & onions in olive oil until golden brown. add chopped veggies and stir fry for a couple minutes (5-8). pound breasts lightly and cut into small pieces like pic below. turn skillet onto high-med to high heat. add more olive oil (i sometimes add some veggie or coconut oil as well). throw chicken in and stir briskly to stir fry. add spices/sauces and keep stirring - do NOT overcook chicken. this process shouldn't take long at all. many people tend to overcook chicken (myself included until i met my gourmet-chef hubby who set me straight ;) add veggies back in with chicken. coarsely chop peanuts and add right before eating. spoon into fresh romaine lettuce leaves. yummo!!

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