Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmastime is here...

so decorating this year has been a work in progress. we've both been so busy with work and holiday/church events that this process began a few days after Thanksgiving and I just put the 'finishing touches' on everything today - two weeks later! oh dear. anyway, it's done now and lookin' mighty cozy around here. This is my absolute favorite time of year...the cooler weather (mid to low 60's for us Floridians), upping the 'cozy factor' in our little nest with all the lights and decorations, the joy of gathering with dear friends & family, the fun holiday treats (which i'm enjoying way too much! yikes!!), the Christmas movies, precious memories made, and most of all anticipating the birth of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. I just read in the Word this morning that we live not as those without hope. We have HOPE. He was born long ago to a young unwed mother in a humble stable - a helpless babe come to save sinners and redeem the lost. All is meaningless apart from Jesus. It's all about Him! Hallelujah!! Gory to God in the highest and on earth, PEACE to men!! Please click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to view a few of last year's Christmas posts (ha! ya think i wrote enough about Christmas last year?! lol!) What is one of your favorite Christmas memories? Leave a comment about it! I can't wait to read them! I will share a few of my own in my next post. stay tuned!!! and...

Merry Christmas, friends!!

found this at a Michael's post-Christmas sale. couldn't pass it up!!

my 'Christmas' pillows...actually, they stay on my couch pretty much from

a lovely poinsettia plant from my sweet friend/next door neighbor, Corrie.

we spend a lot of time in here so it had to get decorated, too! ;)

i can just picture our little 9-month-old being enthralled by all the lights next year!

haha! excuse the 'commode' in the left hand corner!

my little hedgehog friend, Henry.

one of the (many!) sweet 'teacher' gifts from days past...

a whimsical bunch of Christmas characters!!

aren't they precious?!

love this ornament...simple, elegant.

from Walmart. no lie.

bought this ornament the day after we got engaged at one of my all-time favorite Christmas shoppes, the Pine Tree Barn in Wooster, OH.

got this for Luke when we were long-distance courting/dating. we wrote innumerable letters to one another! i guess you could say we're a bit "old fashioned", he and I ;)

another beloved Pine Tree Barn ornament.

when we were engaged...young and in love!!!

made by the very talented, Katie Thomas!!

kinda dark but can you make out the letters? that's right: "K" for "Korday" and "G" for my new last name, "Grant".

aaaah, Paris...

Oh, Tannenbaum...
(the 'elegant tree skirt' is a simple burgundy fitted bedsheet from Walmart! haha!)

more fun with my cam...

i guess you could say my style is "old-fashioned, vintage Christmas".

beautiful Christmas card we got from Luke's grandmother last year.

My Jingle Bell Tree!!

gotta have a little touch of 'Santa' ;)

German hand-painted heart (stays on my doorknob all year round, actually)

and the cards have started pouring it!!!

my latest 'holiday vice'!!

St. Nick & Frosty help make our hot drinks extra yummy!!!

goodie bowls!

vanilla candle resting atop Bon Appetit.

Christmas in Florida, baby!!!

sorry so blurry. napkin rings i got long ago as a single gal. glad i bought stuff on sale back then and kept a treasure chest of home goods. they are all coming in handy now!!

my "Christmas Newsletter" basket ~ found at Michael's for 50% off! woot!

love these iridescent creme & burgundy berries. they look good enough to eat!!
will have to keep them away from baby next year! ;D

Mary, swollen with Savior, on her way to Bethlehem.

my 'Cradle to Cross' Advent/Lent wreath. Thank you, Mom Grant.
please click HERE to find out more about this precious rendition of the traditional Advent wreath.

each night, Luke & I light the number of candles for that day of Advent. We turn on Rachmaninoff's Vespers and read portions from the Gospels of the Christmas Story. on the first night, we opened to the book of Matthew (chapt 1) and when Luke read verse 21,

"She will bear a son and you shall give him the name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

Silence. With tears in my eyes, i wondered why he had suddenly stopped reading and was thinking to myself, 'uh, babe. are you gonna keep going?" Then i looked over and he had tears in his eyes, too. We were both struck by that last line...He will save His people from their sins.

Thank You, Lord, for being not only a Holy Ruler God but also a Humble Savior God.

mulled cider ~ one of our favorite wintertime treats.
(apple cider, orange slices, cinnamon stick, grated fresh nutmeg, small handful whole cloves)

inside the little Victorian house i found at....yes...Walmart!!!

our Nest. my prayer ever since i was a brand-new bride is that our home would truly be 'home' to anyone who crossed the threshold. we pray that everyone feels welcomed, loved, and accepted when they come into our little abode, be it the road-weary traveler passing through, a new person at church who is trying to meet people and make friends, family members, the UPS guy dropping off a box and is offered the glass of water or lemonade, anyone.

last but certainly not least, my prized 'Willow Tree' Teacher Angel. reminds me of my teaching days of my past...and my future!!!


Christy said...

GORGEOUS! Now I want to see your house the rest of the year - it looks like you have quite a gift of decorating! :)

abbey said...

So cute Liz! Love all your decorations :) look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Kate Van said...

so cozy sis!