Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disney Adventures!

this past Monday, Luke & I got to go to Disney World with our dear neighbors, Harry & Diane. They are retired and work part-time there; hence, they can get friends/family in for FREE (and park hopper passes to boot!). We opted for Epcot & Hollywood Studios since baby 'n' I can't really go on any rides right now - a bit too bumpy for our liking ;) We enjoyed the lovely weather, shopping (Luke bought some adorable plush toys for his nieces - he just gushes over, what is he going to be like with his own little girlie?! haha), watched a couple shows, and attended the Christmas Reading. It was (amazingly!) very Gospel-centered and celebrated Jesus' birth, life, and work on the Cross! In between the speaker reading from sections of the Gospels, the choir & symphony would perform ethereal versions of songs such as, "Oh Holy Night", "What Child is This?", "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful!" and the like. Near the end, he talked about Jesus being raised again and we all stood and sang the Hallelujah chorus with the choir. It was truly a highlight of this Christmas season for me, and probably in my life too. no exaggeration. loved to see the name of JESUS magnified, celebrated, and lifted up in such an environment! wow! Below are a few pics I thought i'd share. So have you visited Disney World and/or Disney Land? What is one of your favorite memories you have there? I would love to hear them in the comments below. thanks! (sorry for the weird orientation of pics at the end of this post - not sure what was happening! haha)

me, (baby!), and Diane :)

Hollywood Studios

Mickey's Magical Hat

me 'n' babes

yes, Disney has 'stroller parking lots'! we got a kick out of them!!

realistic-looking movie backdrop ~ San Fran.

Indiana Jones Show

We loved Beauty & The Beast!!

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Kate Van said...

The stroller parking is amazing! Love th pic of you and Luke. Can't wait to see you both!