Friday, May 18, 2012


Below are some pics of our great friends, the Soniterot's, and all our kiddos. Logan & Kathryn are just two weeks apart and already the best of friends! haha! this was their first time in the water. it was so funny because both of their little bottoms were so buoyant because of their diapers/waterproof diaper cover! at first, Kathryn fussed but then LOVED the water. special memory with their daddies ;) 

 Drew & Luke fly the same aircraft and work together. 
We feel very blessed to have met them this past year 
and have them as friends who love the Lord and
are in the same exact season of life as we are ;)

 Nick, their sweet 8 year old and great big bro to Logan!

 love this one of Luke & his Little Love

 both babies ended up adoring the water!

Daddy's girl

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Lizzy said...

excuse my 'naked' babes in the first two pics! not sure what happened there! lol!