Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Months Already!!

hi, everybody! i'm getting to be SUCH a big girl! these pics are for my Grama & Grampa Grant and Mimi & Papa Korday! i love to swim and be outside. everyday, mommy and daddy take me on a walk and i just stare up at the sky and the sunshine through the tree branches high above. i also love to 'talk' to my parents now. We have great conversations. I'm learning how to play with my hands and to hold things. I love, LOVE my bouncy seat and do my daily calisthenics in it. my thighs are getting quite chubby so it helps burn a few calories, you know. I stare back into people's eyes and respond by smiling, cooing, or giggling if they talk to me, especially in a very silly voice! i love my family and i love life. i'm a very happy little girl. look at me!! aren't i so cute?!

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To God be the Glory! said...

You are very cute Kathryn! I remember as if it was yesterday when my own Brenda who will be 35 in September was your age!!! She's now a mommy with three children of her own. Children are a blessing of the LORD!