Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Baby Pics

Here are some pics of me as a baby ;) this post is for anyone interested in viewing but primarily for my MIL. She's been asking to see some pics of me as a wee one. I do think I see some of me in Kathryn, come to think of it ;) PS ~ sorry, they're kind of out of order but oh well!!

brand new

check out that pram!

crazy hair...hey, i know someone else who struggles with that... ;)


strike a pose...with a babydoll!

i loved to design outfits, headdresses! 

my mom's mom ~ Grandma

geesh, my mom  was a skinny-minny after she had me!
one of my favorite pics of she & I

proud big sis

naked girl! notice Blue Baby faithfully keeping me company!

i took EIGHT YEARS of swimming lessons! 
My mom kept enrolling me with my younger sisters.
i guess that's why I love to swim and love being in the water.

I adore my beautiful mother.
She's prego with Kate here.

making eye contact with the most important person in my life at the time!

<3 <3 <3

two blondes ~ my cousin Nat & me

with our dear Nan

thunder thighs!! haha!

relaxed in mommy's arms.

love smocked dresses!

on one of our many Sanibel vacations!

Winter in Ohio


sorry these are all 'yellowish' and kinda underexposed.
oh, well, enjoy!!


erin. said...

Loved these!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lizzy, so cute! Definitely see Kathryn in some of your baby pics....especially the lips. Thanks for posting these. Love the new ones of you in your “flight school grad” dress...and your little girl in polka dots. I love and miss all of you!! mom g

Christy said...

OH my! Your mom looks JUST like you! How beautiful!