Monday, May 21, 2012

Kathryn's Nursery

here are some pics of our Kathryn's nursery. i really wish i had taken before/after pics of this room! before, it was our office/guest room with a huge armoir, queen-size bed, two desks, a printer, and a few other things. when we first found out we were expecting, we knew we wanted to stay in this apartment (great location, quiet/family friendly subdivision, cozy yet spacious for an apartment, garage, etc) but were wondering how we could keep it a guest room/office area as well as turning it into a pretty nursery. honestly, we actually made it a matter of prayer and it was really neat to see how our God - the Creator of this universe and Master Artist of all things beautiful - met us! Our desire was to make it a welcoming room for anyone visiting while serving the very practical needs of a little one (or 'ones' - we hope to have one more baby here in FL before our next move! hee hee) enjoy!!

canvas-type "stand outs" of pics i took of one-week-old Kathryn

Phoebe & Blue Baby
(more on them HERE)

shell 'vase' ~ Thrift Store
flowery twigs/curly willow ~ Michaels
tissue paper pom-pons ~ made by a friend 

the lamp is from Walmart. used to be a dark wood with no beaded edges.
i bought the pearl stick-ons in bulk offline and spray painted base white.
the hankie was my grandmother's (more about her HERE, HERE, and HERE)

silk roses from Michaels (50% off! woohoo!)

gymnast girl my dad gave me for Christmas one year.
the Bessie Pease Gutman illustration is a postcard from Luke's great aunt given to his parents when he was born. she wrote such a beautiful tribute in honor of his birth. i'll have to take it out of the frame one of these days and post what she said - so sweet...

a handprint kit someone gave me at one of my showers. 
Grama Grant helped me stamp Kathryn's hand & foot while she was visiting!
so glad i did this - hope to do one for each of my kiddos, should the Lord desire to bless us with more.

peg rack i've had since i was a young girl. painted it sea green to match the nursery colors of salmon/peach, sea green, whites, creams...

Birth Block given to Kathryn by her namesake, Kathryn 'Kate' Van (my dear sis)

love how this room is so light & cheery!
perfect for newborn shoots ;)

some 'edited' pics for ya ;)

was given the dresser by my dear friend, Rachel.
we painted it and added these adorable knobs from Anthropologie.

vintage (no, really. it was my grandmother's) wastebasket
so practical yet pretty!!

guest bed.
i made the wreath, pillows from Pier One or made by my sister Kate, and the doll was made (yes, 'MADE') by my late Omah. She was an amazing seamstress, to say the least!!

comfiest rocker/recliner
adorable 'dress' quilt handmade by Luke's mom...another incredible seamstress!
oh my!

pillow handmade by my Dad's mother, my "Nan". 
she made one for each of her nine grandkids.
yes, i have some very talented 'grandmas' in my life! haha!

tea rack that was my Nan's. She used it in her 'yellow bathroom' for years and years.
anyone in our family reading this knows what i'm referring to! ;) 
i painted it white and added the pearls.
the dolls were my grandma's and mom's. the one on the left is a real Madame Alexander doll.
'Scarlet' from Gone with the Wind, actually.
and yes, i finally get to display some of my MANY teacups! hee hee.

this arrangement holds special significance for me. it was the table decoration from my sweet friend, Libby's, wedding. She passed away eight years ago but will never be forgotten.
more about her HERE and HERE.

bookcase from IKEA. love it!

Hedgehogs from Pine Tree Barn in OH. 
Chicks from Pier One.
Beatrix Potter books from consignment shop.

Kathryn's little friends* anxiously await the day when they can play together!
the teddy bear second from the left was given to me by Libby. 
I will treasure it forever...

*names from left to right: Percival, Duffy, Lamby, Hope and the three on the right are yet to be named! I think I'll let Kathryn name them herself when she can talk ;)

family planning, pregnancy/birth, b'feeding, ped books.
and yes, i read pretty much every single one and more not shown.
i'm crazy like that!! lol!!!

not sure where i got these books but glad i found them!
we have a ton of books - most are in boxes in the garage. 
already, Kathryn loves it when we read to her. 

found this Shabby Chic mini-chandelier at a consignment shop.
love, love it!!

Thanks for browsing!!

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Meredith said...

Oh! So inspiring, Lizzy! I am so glad that you posted this right now as I am in the middle of decorating our new house and have found so much inspiration just from this one post! I love how you incorporated so many old family heirlooms into the room. So pretty and special for little Katy Sophia, and what a wonderful place to sleep and (one day) be reminded of the dear legacy of her grandparents and great-grandparents. At our last house, the nursery and guest room were shared and it worked really well for us. The few times that we did actually have guests staying there I just moved Margaret Alice to her Pack n Play in another room. It was very practical with limited space. I love the color scheme you chose. Truly perfect timing - I am in the middle of making/hanging curtains as I saw your update so I feel like I just had a breath of fresh air and am excited to return to my task!