Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jackie June's 1st Bday!!

Happy First Birthday, Jackie Junebug!!!
We sure LOVE you!!

my talented sis, Jacuelyn (Jackie June's namesake) made this adorable sign!!
def hiring her to help me with Kathryn's first bday party!!

party favors

what a creative punch idea, right?!

Brookie & Gisellie

fun family time!


Uncle Matt & Aunt Mags

cousin Wesley

place cards

happy birthday to you!!

she seems a little unsure...

ha! never mind! i think she's diggin' it!!

Wesley again. When you're the only boy in the fam,
you're kinda a novelty when it comes to pics! lol!!


time w/ my Pops


my Dad (l) and Uncle Joe

the Jackies!!

hi, Joe-Joe! you're quite handsome.

you're kinda cute yourself, Katy Sophia.

random book reading break

the birthday girl and her fam!

ha! check out Brook & Nell's expressions!

"Auntie" Mel

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