Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Korday Klan Kiddies!!

It was so sweet for my mama heart to witness the genuine excitement Kathryn's cousins displayed every time we visited their house (or when they came to the homestead - Mimi & Papa Korday's pad). They would scream, "Katy Sophia!" or "Baby Kathryn!" and run to kiss, hold, and talk to her. And no joke, every single time, her chubby little legs would start kicking, her baby blues would get wide and bright, and she would either giggle or squeal when they showed her attention. It was truly a highlight for my trip home. thankful for all these awesome little people with which God keeps showering our family! the 6th kuzzie is due in about a month! yay!!

Jackie June 'admiring' her little sweet.

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