Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the (baby)food diaries, part 2

as i watch K eat, it's fascinating to observe her 'handle' food. She bites off only as much as she feels comfortable having in her mouth as opposed to 'stuffing' everything in there (a benefit of using this approach). She also 'chews' with her gums and two front teeth. She chews very deliberately and doesn't demand the next bite until she's swallowed (another aspect they quickly learn when not given strictly pureed spoon-fed foods. yes, we do spoon feed at times, especially right now as she's still so new to the whole thing and her pincer grasp and eye/hand/mouth coordination is still very much developing). She LOVES helping mommy 'hold' her spoon! too funny!! :D

cous cous with a dollop of sour cream*, sea salt, pepper, olive oil

hi, sweetie! good eater!!

whole grain brown rice cereal with poached prunes.
one of her faves.

*while we are waiting on lots of grains, cow's milk, strawberries, fish, peanuts, and the other "no-no's" for eaters of this age, Kathryn has had no negative food reactions thus far (watching for that carefully), but i do take tons of probiotics that gets into breastmilk and helps line a baby's little GI tract ('gut') with wonderful 'good' bacteria that our bodies need. Another amazing source of probiotics is raw milk if you can find it from a very reputable, clean source and it's offered legally in your state. unfortunately, meeting those two requirements for raw dairy products can be hard to come by. low-temp pasteurized milk (preferably organic) is a lovely alternative, so i've heard ;)

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness Lizzy, she is adorable! And has grown so fast! I am so excited to read through your blog! It is so nice to see so many new posts! Loving all that you are sharing with the food diaries. You are an inspiration...

Many blessings!