Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Harvest!

Kathryn enjoyed her very first 'Harvest' celebration with mommy and our sweet neighbor friend, Korianne. She tagged along since daddy had duty and mommy certainly needed an extra set of hands to help juggle passing out candy, looking after K, serving chili, replenishing the candy bowls (which happened to be filled with Cheez-Its and Goldfish crackers initially and then candy, given by our great church). Kathryn dressed up as a little lion cub since her latest 'trick' is growling! too cute! At first, she just sat in her stroller wide-eyed and silent, just soaking up all the colorful sights of various costumes and sounds of squealing, happy children. I marveled just watching her as i often do ;) Well, here are some pics of the day! Hope you all had lots of fun, too!!

Happy Harvest!!

 having fun with Miss Korianne!


 hi, mom! i'm having so much fun!!

 each car had a different theme. 
we were the 'Teddy Bear' trunk. 

 peek a boo!

 i love my mommy!

daddy, we sure missed you but 
hopefully next year you can join us!!

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