Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Munchkin!

Luke & I had a fun family day on Saturday...relaxing around the house, trip to the pumpkin patch, and yummy Mexican for dinner. but the best part by far was watching Kathryn at the patch! She just soaked up all the sights & sounds - everything from the fiery orange sea of pumpkins to the other little ones happily romping up and down the aisles, in search of their 'prized pumpkin' to take home. She even tried to TASTE a pumpkin. well, i suppose that's no surprise since she IS 7 months old - the age where everything, EVERYTHING Here are some pics of us - enjoy!! ;) 

 our little family

 i love my daddy

 check out the dimples!

 hi, there. my name is Kathryn.
and i'm cute. period.

me 'n' mommy

 i love exploring new things w/ my mommy

dare i?!
 yes, i will! mmm....
tastes just like pumpkin pie..right?

 Farmer Kathryn

 hangin' with my homies

 okay, it's hot. time to change.

 Mommy, no! not 'just one more'!!

 prettiest, most unusual pumpkin we had ever seen.

 shy smiles

i look a lot like my mom in this pic 
(at least, her baby pics)

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