Sunday, October 14, 2012

lazy day

haven't posted in awhile. ugh. hopefully i'll be able to soon cross off a few blog post 'titles' on my to do list of writing. but here are some cute pics for now. we had a lazy day last week while daddy was down & out with a cold. K loves to just loll around in our bed talking to herself, laughing to herself, and just being so darn cute! oh, and of course i never leave her there unattended! trying to take more 'normal, everyday life' pics in a photojournalistic fashion. i love to tell stories with my images. this collection of images tells the story of a very tired little girl who refused to take a nap by herself and had just been snuggling with her dada. Luke got up to answer a work call and asked me to watch her. so i grabbed the ol' cam and snapped away. my house was an absolute wreck, mind you (seriously. every single room was sooo messy) but i didn't care at that precious moment. learning how to slooooowww down and breathe in life. because, before you know it, it's passed you by. i don't want that to happen to me. especially now that i'm a mom. more on that topic to come...


 love old fashioned, all cotton dresses on her.

 always exploring.

 i just love mommy & daddy's bed!

seeing her Prince Charming (aka Daddy)
walk into the room

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Micah, Rose and Lena Lantz said...

Lizzy, she is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! Oh dear, we have been blessed with so precious babies. I especially love the last one. I miss you friend and love keeping up with you with your blogs.