Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daniel & Lucky

we love our Compassion kiddos. grateful to God for bringing these two specifically across our path. they bring such joy to our lives and we honestly can't wait to meet them one day, either by visiting them in their home country or hosting them stateside when they are bit older. the first thing i'll do is give them each a gigantic squeeze!! Lucky is 4 and is from Uganda while Daniel just turned 10 and hails from Kenya. the other day, we received a letter from Daniel.

...it brought tears to our eyes. yes, both of us ;) 


it read:

Praise God, Luke! I am good in the Lord. Currently I am enjoying myself in the village with my family members at home after we broke for second term vacation. The weather in our village is unpredictable, lasting for a few hours. I thank you for your birthday gift that you sent to me. I bought a wonderful she-goat. May God bless the work of your hands. Receive greetings from my sister, Naomi, and my mother. They said they love you and will pray for you always. I bid you bye for now. 

Your Friend, Daniel


We love you, Daniel.

Happy 10th Birthday, Buddy. 

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Ashley said...

love this lizzy :)