Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miss Independent

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Sometimes i forget to interact with you by talking because i honestly get so mesmerized just silently watching you 'do your thing' - explore the world with those big ol' blue eyes, intently fixated on each new sight, quietly content in my (or daddy's) arms. You love people. When strangers talk to you, you don't smile and when friends talk, you do. It's crazy how you are recognizing those in your life, those who love you. You get so excited when another little person your size (or a bit bigger) is around. You wriggle your whole self with joy and beam and coo. You reach out and try to pat people's cheeks and affectionately (but painfully!) pull hair! haha!! You also know how to 'kiss' by planting your wide open slobbery rose-pink mouth on mommy or daddy's cheek. We just soak up your love like a sponge dipped in dishwater.

The other night, I was hosting a party for a friend and daddy was watching you. I peeked in the bathroom when he was giving you a bath and my heart melted to see daddy talking to you in that sweet characteristic high-pitched voice (which is very cute, especially since one of the things mommy fell madly in love with your dad when they were long distance dating was his very manly, smooth, deep voice! haha!) and teaching you how to splash. Then, later on that evening, I peeked in again to watch you two playing hide and seek with a blanket, laughing and just having the best time together. I'm reminded of when you were brand new, one evening after cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, I turned the corner in our little hallway to see daddy cradling your tiny pink body close to his heart with tears brimming his eyes as the Coldplay song, 'Us Against the World' played. Quietly, your daddy sang the line from it, 'sloooooooow it down'. I asked him why he was getting emotional and he replied that he wanted to slow down time and not see you grow up and eventually have to leave us. Wow, we do get ahead of ourselves don't we, sweetie? Well, just wait until you're a parent and then you'll understand.

You catch onto things very quickly. Like the early days of eating solids when you would scream and pitch a little fit for food and now you know to gently tap your tray for your next bite. You also can  pick up food with your two fingers in the 'pincer grasp' now, which is pretty advanced for your age if i do say so myself. You only keep as much food in your mouth that feels comfortable and you chew slowly and deliberately with your two bottom teeth and gums! You have never choked and you eat (and love!) everything from spicy Thai food, pepper steak, honey-mustard chicken, broth, soups, all fruits & veggies, greek yogurt, eggs, cheese, dried plums & apricots, chili, and the list goes on.

Your new favorite tricks are to growl like a lion (hence your Harvest costume from this past year), sitting up, scooching everywhere and GETTING INTO EVERYTHING!! Mommy and Daddy now really feel the 'baby proofing' crunch! man, you're fast. Mommy keeps a very close eye on you at all times when you're awake and can only get on the computer when you're sleeping (that's a good thing and has made mommy much less tied to social media and just being on the computer in general. a very good thing. and more on that later). Whenever it's silent for more than 10 seconds, mommy immediately looks over at you since that almost always means you are either going for an electrical cord/outlet, getting into a nearby trashcan or those rubber door stopper thingies. Oh, and now if we leave you in your bouncer and just go to another room to retrieve something, you start squawking for us. You love having our comforting presence nearby at all times, even if we're occupied with cooking, chores, or reading beside you on the couch while you work hard at playing.

You still hold your toys up to the light and often put them on top of your head. You talk to your stuffed animals and lone dolly (more like 'boss them around'! man, it's going to be entertaining to say the least to see you assume the role of 'big sister' hopefully one day soon). You sing and talk to yourself every single morning when you wake up at 8am Doesn't matter if you stayed up later the night before. You pretty much always wake up at that time. You literally kick your feet up on the front part of your stroller for our evening family walks and casually dangle your chubby little hands over the side, reclining, with your eyes in an upward gaze watching the branches roll on by laced against the dusky sky.

You love life and trying/learning new things. You have a temper that matches your hair and a real stubborn streak inherited from both your Irish-background father and German-background mother. oh, dear! We pray daily that God uses those aspects of your character for His glory and channels your energy & zest toward fiercely loving others around you who are hurting, staunchly defending the defenseless, and boldly living for His kingdom (and no one/nothing else).

Honey, we love you so much it hurts. honestly. Please stay little, okay? No more of this growing up and getting all 'independent' on us! :) 

Love, Mom & Dad

 hmmm, let me see...

 yup, tastes good.

 hi, mom. what's up?

 who's over there??


 her 'gorilla' face she makes all the time.

 Henry the Hippo

 Let's not eat our friends!

 Sorry, Mom. just one little bite!

 okay, fine. I'll gnaw on my fingers.


 caught red-handed (or red-haired?)
 i like paper. paper is so crunchy!

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