Friday, September 28, 2012

a fun fall craft :)

today, i spent the better part of the morning with my dear friend, Charlotte. God brought her into my life at such a special time...when we were BOTH expecting babies who were born just two weeks apart and are now the best of friends! haha! while we sipped pumpkin spice smoothies (recipe HERE, but i modified it by using coconut milk instead of 1/2 & 1/2 and water. it was so-so), we got all caught up from not having seen each other for about two months due to her 3 week vacay and then my 3 week vacay. whew! anyway, below is what we worked on. it was SO much fun! i originally saw this idea on my friend Rebekah's blog and i'm sure you can find it on pinterest galore! the tutorial we followed can be found HERE. so easy, economical, fun to make, and pretty!! i'm still deliberating as to whether i should 'finish' it by purchasing additional felt or just leave 'as is'. what do you think? i would love to hear your opinion!! TIA! 

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Natasha said...

I like the look of having some of the wreath itself showing :)